About us

Metrostav Development Inc. represents in the Czech Republic developer activities of Metrostav Group. The developer executes residential and commercial projects with an emphasis on exceptional architecture, value and environmental responsibility.

About us

We construct timeless blocks of flats and commercial projects.


About us

Since 2008, we back all development activities of Skupina Metrostav.


Residential development

In attractive areas, we build modern blocks of flats for comfortable and quality living. We respect the natural need of men to stay with people with whom they share similar values, and in this sense, we conceive our projects. We cooperate with top-class architects, we use quality materials of a high standard and we emphasize to carry out each building in perfect way. Thanks to this, we have already gained a lot of prestigious awards, such as Best of Realty, Stavba roku or Nový domov.


Commercial development

We bet on the most recent trends in the commercial projects and we offer the offices that meet the highest requirements for a working site. We use modern technologies and materials, due to which our projects are not only modern, comfortable, functional and timeless, but also energy saving.



Creating a permanently valuable architecture respecting the site genius loci.



Metrostav Development will create exceptional architecture with emphasis on utility value, design, and environmental responsibility.


Shared basic value

  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthiness
  • Stability






Already for 20 years, we perform a responsible and quality development.



Metrostav Development a. s. was established in 2008 through splitting-off the Development division from Metrostav a. s. and it backs all development activities of Skupina Metrostav in the Czech Republic.


During the period of its activity, it has executed many highly rated projects and it has constructed more than 2 800 flats in interesting sites.

Philosophy of the company

We respect the humans, we protect the nature, we keep our word.


Philosophy of the company

For us, development means a commitment to current users and future generations.


We are aware of our responsibility and, therefore, we emphasize a quality and functional design, we respect the needs of our clients and we regard the relevant place and its history. 


The opinions of our partners are welcome, because only due to the dialogue, cooperation and connection of the best thoughts we can construct the timeless buildings with a high usable value.


We choose the building site carefully and responsibly and we always seek to set the building sensitively into the landscape. With respect, we build on what the nature and the people before us have created. We always create the environment-friendly architecture.




BIM in Metrostav Development


BIM, i.e. Building Information Modelling is a process of creating and administering data regarding the given building throughout its entire life cycle.


This is an open database of information concerning the building thanks to which all entities participating in the building project cycle have the same BIM database, not only for their own activities, but also for communication with other entities. BIM is a database, which contains comprehensive information regarding the building project. This database is unique, unparalleled, and up-to-date. Building Information Modelling is a modern and intelligent process, which enables easier information exchange within the frame of the process of building design, construction, and use. Upon designing buildings, the BIM simulates actual construction process, whereby securing maximum design quality without space or co-ordination errors. From the very beginning of the project, it is thus possible to use „virtual reality“ – a building’s 3D model.


We are currently using the BIM Method on the Palmovka Open Park commercial project, which is in the process of implementation.

Ethics line

We ensure compliance with rules and laws of ethics.


Ethics line

Ethics line (http://www.skupinametrostav.cz/cz/eticka_linka) serves the employees,  statutory body of Skupina Metrostav, business partners, collaborating third parties and public for announcement of non-ethical or illegal acting which is contrary to the Code of Ethics of Skupina Metrostav (link).

The line is not dedicated to solving the problems within the frame of usual business contact, including the complaint cases and customer complaints. It also does not serve as a mean of resolution of private disputes among the employee or for announcement of emergencies that lie within the competence of police, ambulance and fire service.

Code of Ethics

We respect moral principles and rules of conduct of Skupina Metrostav.


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of Skupina Metrostav expresses moral principles of Skupina Metrostav and defines binding rules of conduct and negotiation for all groups of Skupina as well as for its employees and co-employees.




1) We always ensure the compliance with Law of the Czech Republic and of the countries in which we perform or tend to perform our business.

We continually monitor and, in praxis, react to the legal rules and ethics standards in the country in which we perform or tend to perform our business. Not only we respect the relevant laws and rules, but we also favourably prevent suspicions of any inconveniences.


2) Reliability, professionalism and stability are our basic shared values.

We perpetually seek for making a safe, creative and stable working environment. We always act in a professional way and with the highest expert care. We build the relations that are based on trust internally and externally. We cooperate with physical and legal entities that are qualified and trustworthy. We properly charge all economic transactions. We communicate true data about the state of management. We pay taxes for social security, healthcare insurance and other obligatory payments.


3) Customer´s satisfaction is our main goal, but never for the price of violating the ethics or legal standards.

We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition. We neither provide nor receive, directly or indirectly, any payments or other rewards that should result into the conduct that is contrary to the laws or ethics rules. We collaborate only with persons in whom no apparent or real conflict of interest and the finances of whom come from legal sources. We care for the safety of information and data protection.


4) We are aware of our social responsibility towards the citizens of the countries, regions, cities and villages where we perform or tend to perform our business.

We seek for minimising of negative impacts of our construction and business activity on the environment and the relevant community. We respect the needs and interests of physical and legal entities outside the Skupina Metrostav. We honour the legacy of previous generations and behave responsibly towards the future ones.


5) We respect the rights and obligations of all our co-employees. We do not allow any discriminatory conduct or behaviour.

We guarantee fair opportunities for the people regardless their sex, colour of skin, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or other different characteristics. We do not allow any disturbing or discrimination. We behave in a friendly and respectful way especially towards the disabled, seriously ill, or aged people, and families with children. In compliance with law, we respect the rights of the employees to organize the trade unions or to enter them.


6) We do not allow the possibility of conflict of personal interests with those of Skupina Metrostav. We protect the movable, immovable assets and intellectual property as our own.

We protect and carefully maintain the movable, immovable assets, the intellectual property and business secret of company Skupina Metrostav. No work decisions may be influenced by individual, family or friendly interests.


7) We do not tolerate incompliance with the moral principles of Skupina Metrostav.

To honour and maintain the Code of Ethics of Skupina Metrostav is an obligation of each employee of Skupina. In case there is any indication of breaching the Code, we make the relevant employee aware of intolerability of his/her behaviour. We also inform the superior or the relevant director or the director of the Department of Internal Audit of Skupina Metrostav. Any acts of revenge towards anyone who announced breaching of the Code of Ethics or helped to discover it are inacceptable. With this procedure, we prevent possible damages, legal and moral sanctions against Skupina Metrostav and all fair employees of Skupina.


You can announce the incorrect, unethical or illegal conduct contrary to the Code of Ethics of Skupina here: http://www.skupinametrostav.cz/cz/eticka_linka

Member of ARTN

We have an overview of the properties market.


Member of ARTN

We approach the development with responsibility and create only meaningful projects – therefore, since 2015 we have been members of ARTN (Asociace pro rozvoj trhu nemovitostí) (“Asociation for the development of the property market”).

Information on audits

The decision to transfer the shares to dematerialised bearer shares.


Information on audits

In June 2016 the General Meeting decided on the conversion of shares into bearer shares.

Awards received

We have already received many expert awards.


Awards received

We honour them all, however, the satisfaction of our clients and loyalty of our business partners are the highest award for us.


Administrativní centrum Ovocný trh 12, Praha 1
                                                     Title Best of Realty 2014, 3rd place in reconstructed office buildings category

Ostravská brána, Moravská Ostrava
                                                     Honourable Mention in the House of the Year 2010 competition announced by the City of Ostrava

                                                     Prize in the New Developments category in the prestigious Grand Prix of Architects 2011

                                                     Prize of the professional jury for urbanism in the competition Building of the Moravian Silesian Region 2010                                                    

                                                     Prize of the professional jury for 3rd place in the Czech Republic and 1st place in the Moravia Silesia Region

                                                     where we also received the Architect's Prize in the competition Real Estate Project of 2011

Obytný soubor Na Krutci, Praha 6
                                                    Title The Best of Realty 2007, New Home 2007 (1st stage of construction)

Galerie nad Vltavou, Praha 8
                                                    Prize of the State Housing Development Fund 2006

Bydlení Cibulka, Praha 5
                                                     Top Invest 2001 and The Best of Realty 2002 prizes


Obytný soubor U Kříže, Praha 5
                                                     Title Building of the Year 1999

Administrativní centrum Palmovka, Praha 8
                                                    Prize "Investor of the Year 2000" for the territory of the capital city of Prague

Komerčně administrativní centrum Thámova, Praha 8
                                                    Title Building of the Year 1998

Administrativní centrum Rathova pasáž, Praha 1
                                                    Title Building of the Year 1997




Jobs at Metrostav Group can be found here.

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